How do I clean tarnished jewelry?

We like Connoisseurs brand Dry Disposable Silver Wipes. After wiping down, wipe down with a clean cotton towel or cloth. We also use their liquid Silver Jewelry Cleaner for very stubborn tarnish, but only dip for a few seconds, as it is not good for the gemstones. It's ok on the silver, gold, and crystals.


Is the metal sterling silver?

Yes! Any beads that are silver are ALL sterling silver or better (fine silver)! We don't use ANY plated silver beads. We have been "around the block" and have found suppliers that we trust to ensure that our beads are all at least sterling or better! This includes the clasps, crimps, and jump rings, too!



What is "Gold-filled"?

Gold-filled is not a dipped plated gold.  It is a heavy-weight sheet of 14k or 12K gold that is heat-bonded to a jeweler's brass for strength. Plated gold beads can rub off and turn green. Gold-filled beads don't do that. The brass also makes the beads strong, so that they don't dent like solid gold beads. Our shiny gold beads are 14k gold-filled, and the tubes are 12k gold-filled.


Do you repair or adjust?

Yes! We fix any of our pieces, no questions asked, for free! Just ship to us and pay for return shipping. We only sometimes charge if you are missing beads. If this is the case, it is usually a minimal fee of just a few dollars. On occasion, we have to substitute matching beads that may not be exactly the same if they are no longer available. For example, we may not have any more of a particular stone in the shade or shape of what you bought. We will do our very best to match! Please email or text us, so we can send you our address. Please mail in a padded envelope or small box. Tracking/insurance is optional, but we do not assume responsibility if it gets lost on the way to us. It will be returned to you with tracking. We usually return items within a week of receiving them.


Do you make custom pieces? 

Yes! Our website only has a fraction of our pieces....kind of our "best sellers", but if you've met us on the streets of Key West, you've probably witnessed us making things as we go along, making special requests on the spot, making kids' name bracelets, or making a matching necklace or earrings to a piece of jewelry. If you have a something in mind, like certain stones you like or birthstones, let us know! We can email or text you a picture before you purchase, and then we can send you an invoice.


Where are you located?

We work on a local artist license and set up on the corner of Duval Street and Front Street, on the end of Duval Street by Mallory Square. We work most afternoons and evenings, except Saturday. If you want to see if we're set up, please give us a call or send us a text:




How do I measure size?

If you are comparing to a piece of jewelry that you already own, please lay it out on a ruler and measure the very tip of the clasp to the very tip of the jump ring. If you are measuring a bracelet with a toggle clasp, you will then subtract a 1/4 inch from the total overall length. To measure your ankle, take a piece of string and wrap it around the part of your ankle where you want it to lay and then add about 3/4 inch to that measurement. For example, if your ankle measures 9 1/4", then you will order a 10" anklet. Most people wear about a 7" to 7 1/4" bracelet. If your wrist measures 6 1/2", you should order a 7 1/4". If you need an in between size, please just include a note in the order. You should always "order up" for length. You can wear it long, but you cannot wear it short!