About Us

Matthew is born and raised in Key West and has been creating and selling his own jewelry designs for over thirty years. Although many people assume he joined me in the jewelry business, the complete opposite is the truth! About twenty years ago, he introduced me to jewelry and taught me how to make and design it. Over the years, the designs have evolved to what we now think is some of the most original and unique jewelry, yet inexpensive comparatively, and made with lots of love, since we hand-make each piece, bead by bead! Our three kids even help us now, so it is truly a family affair!

In our industry there is a lot to choose from, so we truly appreciate our customers who support us. Many have become lifelong friends/family. I'm always amazed at how Matthew remembers his customers. He may not remember your first name, but he will often remember what you bought, or where you're from, or an interesting story you shared with him. And he has so much patience, often changing out that "one bead" or creating something special on the spot. Sometimes when he gets home at night, it will look like not much is missing, and then he'll tell me, "That's because I made 80% custom pieces!" He loves when you walk away happy!

We started out doing outdoor art shows, mostly in the summer. We did that full-time for about twelve years, but after three kids born in four years, we made a change and moved back to Matthew's hometown of Key West where we could take a breath from the traveling. We have loved the island life and enjoy being outside as much as possible. We took a stab at having an indoor shop a few years back, but found there's just nothing like being right there on the sidewalk! I often tell Matthew he is the "Ambassador of Duval Street", as he is constantly giving people directions, recommending restaurants, and just plain being helpful!

In a world today where you can get anything you want on Amazon, and most things are made overseas and shipped in, we truly appreciate all of you that support our little business. While we will always prefer the face to face interaction with you, Covid opened our eyes to the reality of today's world and online shopping. We will probably never be able to catalog and advertise every piece of jewelry we make, so please let us know if you don't see what you're looking for on our website, and we will do our very best to accommodate and make what you want!!! Thank you and God bless!